Transitions Signature ® VII Lenses

Find a way to maintain clear and healthy eyesight with Transition® Signature™ lenses in Signature. Eyecon Optical is one of the leading providers of high-quality glasses in the country.

Have a clearer and better vision when you wear these light-adaptive glasses. Be it indoors or outdoors, you’ll certainly see things in better view at any light. Some of the features of our Transition® lenses are:

  • Chromea7(TM) Technology
  • Multicoated (Anti-Reflective)
  • Scratch-Resistant (Hard-Coated)
  • UV400 Full Protection
  • Highly Reactive to Indirect Light
  • Better Response in Hotter Climates
  • Faster & Darker Colour Change
  • Enhanced Clarity & Reduces Glare
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Whether you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors or loves staying at the shades, these lenses are just what you need. Along with that, we also have Transition® XTRActive lenses which darken behind a car’s windscreen which are perfect for kids and people who are extremely sensitive to glare.

Pricing for our Transitions® Signature™ VII Lenses are as follow:

Normal Index (1.50) – $119.80
Mid Index (1.56) – $139.80
High Index (1.60) – $219.80
Polycarbonate Index – $219.80
Super High Index (1.67) – $279.80

Get your own set of Transition(R) lenses in Singapore when you get in touch to one of our specialists today.

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*Prices indicated above are for a pair of lenses only and must be fitted on frames sold by Eyecon Optical. It is possible to use your own frame, an edging fee of $25 is applicable.