Standard Clear Lenses

Eyecon Optical Standard Clear Lenses:

Key Features:
Multicoated –Anti Reflective
Hard Coated-Scratch Resistant
Anti-UV400 Protection
Anti-EMI Coating- Computer Protection

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Price List:
$19.80* (Mid index 1.56)
$49.80* (High index 1.61)
$69.80* (Polycarbonate index 1.59)
$79.80* (Super High index 1.67)
$169.80* (Highest index 1.74)

Our standard lenses are multicoated, eliminate distracting reflections and provide glare-free vision, which is particularly helpful for computer users and night driving.
Lenses are super-hard coated, resistant to scratches, thus prolonging the life span of your eyeglasses.

With Anti-UV400 coating, our lenses filter harmful UV-A/UV-B rays up to 400nm, giving you full UV protection under sunlight.
Anti-EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) Coating protects the eyes from the radiation and flickering emitted by digital devices like computer screens, televisions, providing the ultimate visual comfort.

Recommended for general wear.
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*Prices indicated above are for a pair of lenses only and must be fitted on frames sold by Eyecon Optical. It is possible to use your own frame, an edging fee of $25 is applicable.