Kodak Lenses Singapore

Kodak Lens provides you the richest, most vibrant colors imaginable, with fine detal that’s amazingl sharp & crisp.

Kodak Lens products:

  • Kodak Clean & CleAR Lens
  • Kodak UVBlue Lens
  • Kodak Progressive Lens
  • Kodak Evo Sun Photochromic Lens
  • Kodak Sports Lens
  • Kodak SoftWear Lens
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-High Performance
High performance and great looks come together with Kodak Clean&CleAR Lens Coating. The proprietry top coat repels dirt, grime and fingerprints, making cleaning easier. Distracting reflections are also eliminated giving your eyes a clear and bright shine.

-Light Shines Through
With ordinary uncoated lenses, approximately 10% of light is reflected away and doesn’t reach the eyes. With Kodak Clean&CleAR Lens Coating, 99.6% of all available light reaches the eyes.

-Built to Last Longer
Kodak Clean&CleAR Lens Coating is tough enough to resist cracking, crazing, peeling and provides durable protection against scratches.

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