Affordable Prescription Glasses & Lenses in Singapore

Choosing the right prescription glasses and lenses in Singapore has never been easier thanks to Eyecon Optical. Get the look and style you exactly need by finding the perfect pair at our shop.

With the assistance of our in-house experts, we ensure to deliver the right pair of glasses based on your specifications and factors that clearly matters to you, from the style down to the safety of our items. Some of the lenses we carry include the following:

For our prescription lenses, pricing starts at $19.80 per pair. However, this is only applicable for glasses that are sold by Eyecon Optical. You may use or bring your own frames, but please note that an additional $25 edging fee is required.

Contact us at (+65) 966-880-27 (Call/Text/Whatsapp) or write your inquiries here to get more information about prescription glasses.