About Eyecon Optical

Eyecon Optical is a Singaporean company incorporated in 2004 and specialising in fashionable eyewear for all age groups and personal tastes. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our customers a full range of fashionable eyewear at the best prices.

Our Philosophy

We celebrate the need to wear glasses and thrive on the challenge of providing the best possible solutions for our customers, not only in terms of visual correction, but also in terms of their style and fashion. We make sure that your choices enhance your personality and lifestyle whilst providing exceptional quality compatible with any type of specific medical requirements.
Our friendly and professional staff will guide you through the various options and provide advice and solutions so that your needs are met in the most appropriate way.

We understand and respect the value of our products. We provide quality, affordable solutions and exercise a transparent pricing policy. Our business model facilitates low operating costs and allows us to pass on these savings to you so that they end up in your pocket.

Eyecon Optical and its professionals are affiliated with the International Medical Consultancy (www.imcmedipro.com), which provides integrated healthcare support services for hospitals and clinics in Singapore and Malaysia.


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Opticiary Service

Frequently Asked Questions
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Opticiary Services Available at Eyecon Optical

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